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Studies show that 95% of businesses that use training videos say it allows their employees to learn better and faster. If you're not using video training for your team and operations yet, then it is the next stop on the train of digital advancements that will make your life easier.

If you're wondering what type of training video might benefit your business, here are 5 types that our Sunshine Coast video production team often films for successful business owners...

1. Onboarding Training Videos

Roll out the red carpet for the newbies with onboarding training videos. Right from the get-go, these videos are the ultimate welcome wagon, engaging new hires and showcasing the company culture.

The added benefit is that you and your other team don't have to spend days training new team members. Use a training video to take care of the bulk of the information, and have a short follow-up to answer their questions. The time and resources that onboarding videos can offer businesses is immeasurable!

Imagine having your next new hire turn up to the job with the majority of their training already done.

Better yet, a training video will ensure that all new hires get the same level of training and information, without the variation that can come from in-person training. Your onboarding video will make sure everyone is on the same page, and become a valuable ongoing resource as your new staff member learns the ropes.

2. Tutorial Training Videos

Tutorial training videos: the ultimate walkthrough! Think of these as a digital map for workplace skills – guiding your crew step-by-step until they’re oozing proficiency.

No more “How do I do this?” moments. Instead, you’ll have a video library of answers, ensuring everyone’s on the same page and trained in the same thorough way. The cherry on top? It’s a masterclass in fostering independence among your workers.

With a handy tutorial just a lick away, employees morph into self-sufficient pros, zipping past hurdles and getting the job done. With tutorial training videos, you can turn those common queries into confident actions.

3. Workplace Health and Safety Videos

Introducing the safety stars of training videos: Workplace health and safety tutorials! When it comes to workplace safety, there’s zero wiggle room for mistakes.

These videos are your trusty sidekicks, ensuring everyone gets the same, top-quality lowdown on those non-negotiable safety protocols. Need to spread the word about a new safety guideline? One video and you’ve got the whole crew in the know.

Compliance? Check. Consistency? Double-check. The real showstopper? These videos can be lifesavers – literally. When everyone’s in sync with safety, accidents will start to disappear.

4. Instructional Training Videos

Lights, camera, customer empowerment! Reader, meet instructional training videos. These aren’t just any videos; they’re your customer’s post-purchase BFF. Bought a complex gadget? Instructional videos to the rescue!

These pocket-sized professors enhance the user experience, turning “How does this thing work?” into an “Ah-ha! Got it!” moment in no time at all. The cherry on top? They squash that pesky post-purchase doubt like a bug. Your clients won’t second-guess their buy when they’ve got easy-to-follow, crystal-clear guidance at their fingertips.

When customers feel you’ve got their back, they stick around. That’s right! These videos aren’t just informative; they’re a secret weapon for building rock-solid brand loyalty.

5. Educational Training Videos

Welcome to the world of educational training videos, where your brand takes the role of professor for your online audience. Think of it this way: you’re not just selling a product or a service; you’re selling expertise.

By educating your audience, you’re letting them know that you really know your stuff. Want to be the go-to guru in your industry? Educational videos will get you that gold star. Better yet, when potential clients see you’re clued in, it’s like laying down a welcome mat of trust and reliability.

You want your audience to think, “If they’re this generous with their knowledge, imagine their service!” So, ready to elevate that brand credibility and turn casual viewers into raving brand ambassadors? Roll that educational reel!

The benefits of video training for business

What are the benefits of video training you ask? Imagine having a time-saving sidekick that ensures everyone gets the same stellar knowledge, no matter when they tune in. No more repetitive, time-guzzling sessions. Instead, you build a digital fortress - a resource library that can be updated anytime, always ready to swoop in and save the day.

These videos are more than just flashy capes; they’re an investment in consistency and quality. They make sure the brilliance keeps on rolling, being revisable and reusable, adapting as your business evolves.

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Effective staff training isn’t just a luxury for businesses – it’s an absolute necessity.

As the backbone of any thriving company, well-trained staff drive success, boost productivity, and uphold brand standards. But just as businesses evolve, so do training methods.

In fact, our local video team have seen a clear increase in the use of our Sunshine Coast studio space to film training videos and has quickly learned how valuable they can be for businesses.

This blog explores how the world of training is changing and why making a training video has been important for the many successful businesses we've worked with! Let's jump in!

The Benefits of Training Videos

Gone are the days of tedious manuals and long-winded lectures. Enter the era of multimedia training, where training videos lead the pack in delivering concise, engaging, and highly effective lessons.

The benefits of filming staff training videos include:

  1. On-demand access
  2. Engaging your audience
  3. Consistent delivery
  4. Save ongoing resources
  5. Train anywhere, anytime
  6. Enhance your face-to-face training time

Let's break each one down...

1) On-Demand Access

In the digital age, video training has transformed into an evergreen reference tool for staff. Unlike traditional sessions that might fade from memory or bulky manuals that are cumbersome to navigate, videos remain consistent and readily available.

This ensures that every employee, from the freshest recruit to the seasoned veteran, has access to the same quality of information whenever they need a refresher.

The hassle of arranging repeated training sessions, especially with every new hire or for those who missed a lesson, becomes a thing of the past. Instead, the convenience and consistency of video means that employees can watch, pause, rewind, and rewatch at their own pace.

It’s a tailored learning experience that fits around individual schedules, ensuring training is not only efficient but also effective.

2) Engage Your Audience

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s the case, a video is worth ten times that. Video taps into our brain’s love for visuals, creating a more immersive and memorable learning experience.

This isn’t just anecdotal wisdom. Studies have consistently shown that people remember 95% of a message when it’s delivered via video compared to just 10% when reading it in text. That’s a colossal difference!

This means that video-based training is not just about convenience or cost-saving; it’s fundamentally about harnessing the most effective medium to facilitate learning.

When staff members are engaged, not only do they absorb information better, but they’re also more likely to enjoy the learning process, fostering a more positive workplace culture centred on growth and development.

3) Consistent Delivery

Training is an investment. But how can businesses ensure every single employee garners the same return from that investment?

Enter video training. By utilising videos, companies can guarantee that every piece of information, every nuance, and every instruction is delivered uniformly, each and every time. This eliminates the risk of variations or omissions that can arise from different trainers or even the same trainer on different days.

First impressions matter, especially during onboarding. A consistent training experience ensures that every new recruit feels equally welcomed, informed, and valued, regardless of when they join.

This uniformity doesn’t just make logistical sense, but it also upholds the brand’s reputation and mission. In the grand tapestry of a company’s culture, consistent training stitches together a cohesive and inclusive narrative that every employee can resonate with.

4) Save on ongoing resources

In-person training, while valuable, often comes with recurring costs.

Think about it: every time there’s a new hire, a change in protocols, or a periodic refresher, you’re clocking in hours, sometimes even bringing in external trainers or sidelining key personnel. This translates to direct costs and lost productivity.

Video training, on the other hand, is a one-time investment with lasting returns. Once the content is produced, it can be reused infinitely, delivering the same high-quality information without any additional expenditure. No booking rooms, coordinating schedules, or extra payments.

The beauty of it? If there’s a change or update, you’re not starting from scratch. A few tweaks to the existing content, and you’re all set! This efficient approach not only saves hard cash but also streamlines the entire training process, making it a win-win for businesses aiming for both quality and cost savings.

5) Train Anywhere, Anytime

The modern workplace is evolving, and with it, the constraints of geographical boundaries and tight schedules are loosening up.

Enter video training – a solution that effortlessly dismantles these barriers. Whether your team is scattered across the Sunshine Coast, working remotely from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere in the country, video training ensures that everyone is on the same page.

No more coordinating with everyone’s schedules or waiting for that one team member to return from a holiday. With video, staff can access the training content when it’s most convenient for them, be it during a quiet afternoon or a late-night prep session.

This flexibility also allows individuals to learn at a pace that suits them, pressing pause or replaying segments as needed, ensuring comprehension without the pressure of keeping up with a group. Video training empowers employees to take charge of their learning experience, optimising it for their needs and preferences.

6) Enhance your face-to-face training time

While the advantages of video training are plentiful, the emirates of traditional face-to-face training are undeniable. There’s an inherent value in human connection – personal interactions often foster deeper understanding, allowing real-time feedback, clarification, and the nuances of non-verbal communication.

Videos, while fantastic for standardised information and easy repetition, aren’t a wholesale replacement for these personal touches. Instead, they should be viewed as an enhancement – a way to reinforce and build upon those live sessions.

By integrating video into your training strategy, you can ensure that the bulk of foundational knowledge is covered efficiently. Then, when face-to-face sessions do occur, they become more focused and valuable, addressing specific questions and building on the video content.

The end result? A comprehensive, efficient, and dynamic training approach that leverages the best of both worlds.

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Our team doesn’t just produce videos; we craft training experiences that resonate.

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Let’s elevate your training game together!

Whether you’re welcoming a new employee or upskilling a current team member, the learning journey should feel like an exciting opportunity, not a tedious series of lectures.

Unfortunately, too many businesses rely on extended PowerPoint marathons, long meetings and redundant informational overflows.

With the emergence of dynamic and interactive technologies, there’s a golden opportunity to rejuvenate training and onboarding to make it more effective - for both the business and the employee!

Here are seven ways to wave goodbye to stale slide shows and say hello to impactful forms of learning…

1. Interactive Workshops

Interactive workshops are all about getting hands-on. Ditching the age-old lecture method, these workshops make training lively and memorable.

When employees are involved in active learning, they not only understand concepts better but are also more likely to remember them.

Think about it: acting out a scenario or working on a team challenge is much more memorable than simply hearing about it.

How to implement it

Start with identifying key areas or skills you want to cover. Then, design activities around them.

Roleplaying is an easy pick. Want to train in customer service? Have employees act out customer interactions. Need to upskill some negotiation skills? Create a practice scenario.

To foster team morale and problem-solving, design team-based challenges. Maybe it’s a mock project or a fun game that requires collaboration.

You don’t need a big budget – just creativity and a clear focus on the skills you’re looking to enhance. Remember, the goal is to learn by doing!

2. Short & Dynamic Training Video Content

Ever wondered why we’re hooked to those 5-minute cooking videos or quick DIY tutorials on YouTube and TikTok?

It’s simple: short training videos pack a punch. They hold attention, convey information quickly, and tend to be memorable.

In a world of dwindling attention spans, bite-sized video content can be a game-changer for training and onboarding.

How to implement it

Start by identifying the key points you want to convey. Less is more; keep it concise.

Use a mix of visuals – graphics, real-life clips, and animations – to make it more appealing. Consider adding captions for those who might watch without sound or be hard of hearing.

Once done, share them on a common platform that employees can access anytime. Don’t forget to ask for feedback so you know it’s working!

3. Mentorship Programs

Mentorship is like giving your employees a compass in the vast world of career growth.

It provides a personalised touch to training, making sure that every individual gets the right guidance tailored to their needs.

Through one-on-one sessions, employees can gain insights into seasoned professionals, ask questions, and get feedback in real-time.

How to implement it

Start by pairing up new hires or less experienced team members with veterans within your business.

Set clear expectations: mentors should be available for regular check-ins, while mentees should come prepared with questions or topics they want to explore.

Encourage a two-way feedback mechanism, where both parties discuss successes and areas for improvement.

To make things even smoother, set aside dedicated mentorship hours each month, allowing teams to focus on these valuable sessions without the pressures of other tasks. The strength of mentorship lies in its personal touch and continuous dialogue.

4. On-the-Job Training

Nothing beats hands-on experience. On-the-job training allows employees to dive right into their roles, turning theory into practice.

The advantages? Immediate feedback and acquiring skills that perfectly align with the job at hand.

Plus, it’s a confidence booster – effectively handling tasks builds self-esteem and job satisfaction.

How to implement it

First, map out the essential tasks for each role. For a new hire, break these tasks down into manageable chunks.

Assign a team member or a supervisor to guide the new employee during their initial tasks, ensuring they’re on the right track. As they work, the guide can offer insights, tips, and corrections on the go.

Celebrate new milestones and always maintain an open-door policy for questions. After all, the goal is to foster an environment where learning never stops.

5. Group Discussions & Feedback Sessions

We’ve all been there – sitting through a meeting, nodding along, but not really connecting. So what if we made it two-way?

Group discussions promote open dialogue, making training feel less like a lecture and more like a conversation.

It’s real, relatable, and allows everyone to share their experiences. Plus, nothing builds team bonds better than shared experiences.

How to implement it

Ditch the formal setting once in a while. Host roundtable chats where everyone, new or experienced, gets a say.

Start with open-ended questions related to the topic. Maybe share an incident and ask, “How would you handle this?”

Have a moderator to keep things on track and make sure everyone’s voice is heard.

6. Digital Onboarding Kits

Think back to your first day on the job, buried under a mountain of onboarding tasks.

Overwhelming, right? Digital onboarding kits simplify that.

Online resources, guides, and welcome packets streamline information, making it accessible anytime and anywhere. Plus, think of all the trees you’re saving!

How to implement it

Start with essentials: an interactive company guide, FAQs, and a fun welcome video.

Use tools like Google Drive or Dropbox to create shared folders, ensuring new hires can easily find what they need. Consider adding some interactive elements like quizzes on company culture.

This is not about ditching face-to-face training and interaction. It’s about complementing it.

Give your new hires (and current employees) the flexibility to revisit these materials at their own pace.

7. Peer Reviews & Collaborative Learning

Ever been part of an amazing project experience where everyone brought something unique to the table?

By having teams tackle projects together, individual employees benefit from shared knowledge and diverse perspectives.

The cherry on top? Peer feedback. It provides a fresh lens, driving continuous improvement and pushing everyone to up their game.

How to implement it

Kick things off with a team-based project. It could be as simple as brainstorming new marketing strategies or as complex as product development.

Encourage open dialogue throughout the process. Once done, have each team member review their peers’ contributions.

Keep it constructive! Tools like Google Forms can simplify feedback collection, and feedback submissions should be anonymous.

As an added bonus, this approach promotes camaraderie, fostering a positive work environment where everyone thrives and encourages one another.

Elevate your team: The future of onboarding and training

In today’s fast-paced world, the traditional ways of onboarding and training need an upgrade.

Elevating your team means tailoring approaches that align with your unique business culture. One size doesn’t fit all, and businesses should be agile, adapting methods as they grow.

It’s essential to encourage feedback from fresh eyes – the new hires – to ensure the training process remains effective and engaging.

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