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15 tips for making scroll-stopping Instagram reels and TikToks for your business

Ever wondered how some businesses create videos that you can’t help but watch on repeat, while others make you scroll right by?

Whether you’re a curious onlooker or a brand eager to plunge into the viral video pool, we’ve got the lowdown on creating killer Reels and TikToks for your business.

The beauty of social media is that DIY videos are never out of place - so filming videos on your phone is absolutely possible. But you've got to do it right, or else it'll tarnish your brand...

Think of this as your quick-start guide to becoming the Spielberg of short-form social media. It’s time to dive deep into the world of mini-movies for mega impact!

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Tips for Filming

1. Planning and prepping

Don’t just hit ‘record’ and hope for the best. A little planning goes a long way!

Some savvy creators batch film, crafting several videos in one productive burst. It’s a time-saver and ensures you’ve got content lined up.

But be mindful of trends; if you’re riding a trend wave, your timing needs to be on point.

Always approach filming with a clear vision, and the results will be effortlessly smooth.

2. Lighting is everything

Step into the limelight with the right light!

The rise of the ring light has revolutionised DIY content creation. They’re perfect for evening out shadows and giving your face that professional, soft glow.

Ring lights are a budget-friendly content game changer. If you’re serious about your reels and TikToks, investing in one is a bright idea.

After all, great lighting can elevate a good video to an absolutely radiant one!

3. Sound it out

It’s not just what you say, but how it’s heard. Poor sound can break even the most visually captivating video.

Prioritise noise control: Find a serene spot, place rugs to combat echoes, and ensure your device’s microphone is top-notch.

Consider the ambient sound. The hum of an AC or distant chatter can distract viewers.

Worst case scenario, if your mobile’s mic isn’t cutting it, small clip-on microphones for phones are an affordable solution.

4. Keeping it real

Social media thrives on authenticity.

It’s not a boardroom, but a virtual coffee shop where people are seeking true connections. Forget stiff presentations and embrace casual chats.

If nerves kick in, imagine you’re talking to a friend. It’s okay to let loose, share a laugh, or even fumble a bit.

Your audience cherishes genuine moments, so let your brand’s personality shine. Remember, realness resonates.

5. Camera angles

Angles aren’t just for geometry – they’re essential for selfie-esteem too!

Aiming the camera too high or too low can be less than complimentary.

For a universally flattering shot, position your camera at eye level or slightly above, ensuring your best features shine.

Your brand deserves its best angle just as much as you do!

Tips for Editing

6. Mind the margins

Ever had that sinking feeling when a crucial piece of content disappears behind a platform’s caption space or UI (User Interface)?

Editing for reels or TiKToks isn’t just about cutting and adding effects; it’s about spatial awareness.

Ensure your video’s essential bits aren’t at the extreme edges. By minding the margins, you safeguard your message from getting inadvertently snipped in various viewing modes.

In digital real estate, every pixel counts!

7. The power of captions

With over 80% of users watching social media videos on mute, captions aren’t just a nice touch – they’re essential.

Beyond ensuring viewers catch every word, captions make your content accessible to the hearing impaired.

In a digital era championing inclusivity, this thoughtful touch can amplify your brand’s reach and resonance.

It’s not just about being understood; it’s about being inclusive. Never underestimate the power of a well-captioned video.

8. The initial hook

In a sea of endless scrolling, how do you reel viewers in? The answer lies in the first two seconds of your video.

Whether it’s a quirky opening line, a dramatic visual, or an intriguing question, that initial hook needs to scream: “Watch me!”

A compelling start not only piques curiosity but also encourages prolonged engagement.

Remember, in the fast-paced world of social media, first impressions are everything!

9. Perfecting your cover

Crafting the ideal video is half the game; presenting it is the other.

While TikTok demands a gripping cover shot for people exploring your profile, reels want one that harmonises with your grid. Go the extra mile to design a cover that’s both enticing and platform-appropriate.

Think of it like the window display of a shop. If it’s appealing, people are more likely to step in and explore further.

Adjust, adapt, and allure – that’s the mantra!

10. Safety first

In the digital age, Murphy’s Law reigns supreme: if something can glitch, it probably will.

Don’t risk losing your work to a sudden app crash or unexpected logout. Regularly save your drafts, especially when editing on platforms known for their quirks.

You can also consider using editing apps like CapCut for an added layer of security, keeping your video in multiple spaces.

Think of it as wearing a digital seatbelt. Better safe than sorry!

Tips for Posting

11. Maximising exposure

Want to amplify your video’s reach? Use all the tools at your disposal.

Tagging relevant accounts and hashtags can funnel new audiences straight to your content. Using trending sounds can have this same effect.

Adding your location, especially if it’s a trending spot, can also give you a boost in discoverability.

Dive deep into the details: Every tag, location, or sticker is a bridge connecting potential fans to your business. Use them wisely!

12. Caption magic

Even after you’ve crafted an attention-grabbing video, your caption is your second shot to captivate.

Think of it as your video’s elevator pitch – concise, intriguing, and impossible to scroll past.

A great caption doesn’t just describe the video; it can amplify the message, add context, or even throw in a hint of mystery.

So, before hitting ‘post’, make sure your caption does its part in reeling viewers in.

13. Keep it clean

While it might be tempting to simply cross-post your TikToks to Instagram, beware of platform logos that might linger.

Not only do they look out of place, but they can also reduce the perceived originality of your content.

Ensuring your videos are logo-free (except for your own business’s logo, of course) screams professionalism and shows your audience that you’ve crafted content specifically for them on that platform.

Tailored content always wins, after all.

14. Timing is everything

It’s not just about what you post, but when you post it.

Identifying when your audience is most active can elevate your content’s visibility and engagement.

Dive deep into your platform analytics, spot those peak times, and schedule your content to go live just before or during these high-activity windows.

In the fast-paced world of social media, syncing with your audience’s schedule can make or break a post’s success.

15. Quality assurance

Once you’ve put your masterpiece out into the digital world, take a moment to play it back.

Re-watching your reel or TikTok post-upload ensures that no glitches happened during the upload process.

It also confirms that the visuals, sound, and captions align as intended. It’s a quick but crucial step that ensures your audience gets the flawless content experience they deserve.

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