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What to post on LinkedIn: The reasons to consider sharing videos

Not sure what to post on LinkedIn?

Our social media team looks after a number of high-level LinkedIn accounts, and we see them get conversion after conversion every month through our posts and strategies.

We often get asked what type of content is best to post on LinkedIn - and the answer is simple.


Here's why.

Videos get 3 x the amount of engagement as text posts on LinkedIn

Video is outperforming text by over 30% on LinkedIn for click-throughs and engagement.

Why is that important?

Because engagement is the doorway in the algorithm to reach more people and increase the traffic to your LinkedIn page.

If you're serious about getting your LinkedIn page up and running and want to reach more people, the right video content will definitely help you do that.

People like watching videos on LinkedIn

Video is one of the fastest-growing content types on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn video views have grown by 50% year-over-year since 2022 and are expected to continue this year in 2024.

Members are also 20% more likely to share a video post on LinkedIn, more than any other type of post.

Think about how popular video platforms are like YouTube and TikTok. Even Instagram, a once photo-only social media platform, is now video content-heavy.

That's because people like watching videos, making it an important part of your LinkedIn marketing mix.

Video drives leads for businesses on LinkedIn

In 2023, 85% of B2B marketers agreed that video was a highly effective tool for generating leads for their business. 78% said videos had also helped increase their brand awareness.

LinkedIn is the number 1 B2B marketing platform, so it makes sense to use the type of content that generates leads.

This is great news for businesses that invest in video production for their profiles - because if your video generates leads, that's a direct ROI for your efforts (and nerves if you don't like being on camera!).

Still wondering what to post on LinkedIn?

We know video is a very broad answer when you're wondering what to post on LinkedIn.

And truthfully, other posts like infographics, articles, photos and texts can also work extremely well too.

But if you're trying to invest in your LinkedIn social media as a part of your marketing strategy, then make sure you add video to the list!

Level up your LinkedIn posts with a professional content creation team

This blog comes with a warning - just because you post a video won't make your LinkedIn account successful overnight.

Success on social media requires a strategy, and that strategy needs to be executed well.

Results on social media can often feel elusive - especially if you've worked in social media before and been told that your results are simply 'brand awareness'.

At All In Creative, we are passionate about making sure your social media does get results. If you're a business relying on sales and leads, then that's the kind of results and strategy we will chase for you.

ROI is important and that's why our LinkedIn clients love working with us.

If you need help working out what to post on LinkedIn and want a team who can build and execute a social media strategy for you - get in touch with us today.

Need help with videos to post on LinkedIn?

We have a full suite of creative content services at All In Creative, and our video production team works to make sure you look awesome online!

Get in touch today if you need help making creative and professional videos that will work on LinkedIn.

Video team using lights and cameras to film content for websites and social media including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn at a large business expo