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7 Creative Marketing Ideas for 2024

Want to take your marketing to new creative heights this year?

Ready for some new marketing inspiration?

We are here to stir up some inspiration to help you discover your next big thing.

This list comes from a collaboration of the content marketing trends predicted for this year, along with our years of creative content marketing experience and what we’ve seen churning out results recently.

Scroll through these ideas and let the creative marketing ideas come to life…

1) Start filming short-form video

Consumer research shows that short-form video will continue to be the #1 content format that people want from brands.

In fact, Meta estimates that in 2024 82% of media consumed will be video, and 52% will be short-form videos.

It may seem unbelievable, but reels and short, sharp videos are where it's at.

Reels on Meta (Facebook and Instagram) receive 190 billion views a day!

So get behind a camera and start filming short videos for your business to break through on your social media accounts.

A note from our social media management team - make sure your videos are clear, well made and offering something of value to your audience.

Marketing Statistic: 82% of media consumed on Meta is video

2) Start a podcast

This won't be for everyone - but hear us out!

Being personal is proving to be one of the best ways to grow your brand. Statistics out of the US show that 88% of marketers that have invested in personalisation are seeing their brands grow because of it, and is shown to boost the company’s ROI by 2000%.

Not only does starting a podcast make your brand personal – it opens you up to a huge audience of potential customers and clients.

There are over 464 million podcast listeners in the world, and that number is expected to grow to 504.9 million listeners in 2024. And they aren’t once-off podcast listeners – the average listener is spending an average 7 hours a week on their podcast app.

Yes, you need to be strategic about your podcast so you aren't wasting your time - but a team of podcast recording and producing experts can help you find a groove and put together a marketing strategy that will help you stand out and achieve your goals.

Marketing Statistic: Investing in personalisation can boost your ROI by 2000%

3) Go behind-the-scenes

In the wake of AI and social media influencer takeovers, people just want to know that you’re real.

66% of customers believe that transparency is one of the most attractive qualities of a brand.

What better way to show your 'realness' than taking them behind the scenes in your business or operations?


How ever works for you. As we've already seen - short-form videos is the #1 content type, but photos, case study articles and many types of content can be made to take your audience behind-the-scenes to see what you're about.

Marketing statistic: 66% of customers think transperancy is the most attractive brand value

4) Get outside the office and do something fun!

Attention spans are getting shorter and attention-grabbing media is crucial to break through to your audience.   

Plus, if you're reading this for fresh inspiration, then here's your sign to think outside the box!

In PR, press agentry is a type of public relations that puts on a show - aka. a PR stunt.

An easy and commonly seen way of doing this is to take to the streets with your social media team. Interview random people, give away products, or put up some fun signs.

Here are three epic PR stunt examples to get you thinking...

5) Sponsor an initiative

When making a purchase 54% of global consumers consider the company’s corporate social responsibility practices.

Aka. They care about what you are doing in the community and how you are being a responsible ‘citizen’.

Use that statistic to your advantage and start promoting the initiatives you support or run - or get out and start!

4 Pines Brewing Co have recently launched an amazing 'good stuff' campaign doing this! Their video shows Frank sitting at the bar explaining that 'Frank wants to do good stuff, that's why he drinks 4 Pines', as a list of their CSR initiatives (like their sustainability and tree planting work) scrolls on screen.

Marketing statistic: 54% of consumers consider your CSR before purchasing

6) Find a new sales twist

Ready for something fresh? Need to do something new?

Take your biggest complaint or your biggest challenge and find a fun way to make it your next marketing campaign!

You'll be surprised how many people may laugh and start sharing your content.

Not sure what we mean? Check out this ad by Timex, a traditional watch label that took a jab at smartwatches...

7) Give your brand a face

86% of consumers prefer brands that present an authentic brand image. Aka. they get to know 'you'.

The thing is - 80% of brands think they do this already, but only 37% of customers agree!

One of the best ways to provide your audience with an 'authentic' image is to get in front of the camera and connect with them. People connect with people.

It could be your face, a team member's face, or an advocate you bring on board - but someone should be out there connecting with your audience saying, 'Hey guys, we are run by real people who understand you!'

So, if you're looking for creative marketing ideas to freshen up your 2024 marketing strategies, try doing some video production talking to your customers, or sharing some photos of your team!

Marketing Statistic: 86% of customers care about authenticity

Get a creative marketing content creation team in your corner

Bonus tip - your marketing can run a whole lot smoother with a wealth of added creativity when you work with a creative content team.

Working with content creators who are innovative, bright and altogether creative can be the best way to bring a breath of fresh air to your marketing.

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